Coal Ash is probably one of Coal’s most hazardous contributions. The ash and other pollutants can get into water tables, seep into the soil, and worse- flood into communities- by poorly constucted retention pools and dams.

That is why the new regulations that will very likely progress from the EPA are strongly needed. Advocacy about Coal’s attacks against this because they may have to reign in what they pollute is vital, to make sure the truth that goes deeper is revealed- and for environmental progress in the future, further regulations are enforced.

An example of the devastation Coal Ash can cause is of one in Tennessee- when a weak retaining dam burst and flooded the nearby lake with the toxic ash. The community was devastated, and to this day it is hazardous to go near the lake.

In fact, it also demonstrates how Coal takes safety seriously- an administrator remarked to reporters that she felt the water was safe and would swim in it, as coal is “safe.”

After turning and seeing an EPA notice, she quickly revoked her statement. You would trust coal to regulate itself?